This blog is dedicated to celebrating and embracing the beauty of Black Womanhood.

If you're a black trans woman you're beautiful.
If your skin is as dark as onyx you're beautiful.
If your skin is caramel or as fair as sand you're beautiful.
If you're curvy, slender, voluptuous, fat, or neither of the above you're beautiful.

Black women rejoice, we're all beautiful.

"I’ve learned that when you’re nice to people who envy you, they dislike you even more, which is frightening. I’ve met people who didn’t like me, and I’ve never done anything to them. They scowl at me like they are determined to make me mad, and I just smile back at them. I pray for those people and feel sorry for them, because obviously they are not happy and have low self-esteem."

Beyoncé (via jolinxo)

this is lowkey mama tina speaking

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Medina Elle/22/New York
Photo by: Dominick Lewis


Center Stage: Actress Uzo Aduba

she is so damn fine!
i just….can’t…swoooon

Photo courtesy: Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Florida
Charge(s): Petty theft